Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vida Vegan Con

Believe it or not, I just returned from Vida Vegan Con with no plans to revive this blog. But suddenly, I find myself sitting here inspired to write. I am coming away from the event with a sense of gratitude. Three young women put a tremendous amount of effort into planning and arranging this entire event and it took off like a stellar rocket. There was always more than enough food to go around, samples galore and the people teaching the classes were awesome! But how could they not be? Isa Moskowitz, Fran Costiga, and plenty of other names that I really should be dropping. But seriously, I saw the guy who writes Suicide Food... He looked at me strangely because I was actually very strangely trying to read his name tag without disturbing him. Robert Cheeke made an appearance at the Gala. I like Robert a lot because he proves that a vegan really can have any body type. Most of the people there were these skinny twenty-some-odds, then you have Robert Cheeke, the body builder with a lot of definition and very little body fat. Then you have me, who easily qualified as one of the heavier people at the conference. Let's just say I am heavier than the average American and leave it at that.
So, Vida Vegan Con gave me lots of pointers for writing a blog. But my girlfriend probably unintentionally gave me the best one. It was the end of a long day looking around Portland and attending conference functions and she just seemed really exhausted and done. So, she sat down and started writing a blog post. To me, this looked like a lot of work for so late in the evening, so I expressed surprise that she was actually writing a post. She said "This relaxes me."
I appreciate the blogs out there that people pour so much effort into. A lot of blogs are the labor of extreme love. I am a software engineer... constantly, constantly working on big projects in my profession. At times, adding a cooking project is no problem, then blogging about the cooking project is no problem. I begin to want to cover what I learned from cooking, not only for the benefit of a supposed future reader base, but also for myself. Once it begins to take more than a few sittings to get a post ready, the amount of effort has become too great and the post never gets done.
I am a software engineer and I work on projects all the time. If I am going to work on another project, it has to be something that feel is worth the investment of the "living life" time I have. Not that a blog post does not have that importance.... Except for the fact that even though I am a unique person, I still have not found that unique thing to put into writing and offer to veganism. There are millions of voices on the Internet and thousands of them are vegan. Top that off with the fact that many vegans are incredibly unique people with tons of time on their hands.
When I stopped actively being the organizer for the ABQVEG group in Albuquerque (and lazy ass me, I still have not replaced myself) I sort of lost my public vegan identity... Though I have plenty to offer, a blog on food is probably not going to make me feel like I am filling a niche that needs to be filled. For the moment, all I can really do is pause while I am breaking into a fellow vegan's house to steal their cookies, and say, "Maybe it's to teach other vegans the best way to pry a locked window out of its sill quietly.... Nah!" In the meantime, please leave your Alternative Baking Company cookies out on the kitchen counter still in the wrapper. Thank you!

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